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  • #NameFacts
    AJ StylesDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 2. Juni 1977
    Debut: 1998
    Finisher: Styles Clash
    Bobby RoodeDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 11.05.1977
    Debut: 1998
    Finisher: Glorious Bomb, Glorious DDT
    Brian Jossie
    HWA Commissioner
    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 04.07.1977
    Debut: 2008
    Finisher: None
    Brother BubbaDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 14.07.1971
    Debut: 1991
    Finisher: Bubba Bomb, Bubba Cutter
    Brother DevonDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 01.08.1972
    Debut: 1991
    Finisher: Testifaý
    Caleb KonleyDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 30.08.1984
    Debut: 2005
    Finisher: Boston Crab
    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 19.4.1986
    Debut: 2009
    Finisher: L-Bomb
    David StarrDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 18.02.1992
    Debut: 2012
    Finisher: Product Placement
    Drew GallowayDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 06.06.1982
    Debut: 2001
    Finisher: Future Shock
    Eddie ColonDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 21.12.1982
    Debut: 1999
    Finisher: Backstabber, Frogsplash
    Eva Marie Carter
    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 19.09.1984
    Debut: 2013
    Finisher: Sliced Red #2
    Ethan Carter III
    HWA 50% Owner
    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 19.03.1983
    Debut: 2002
    Finisher: ECD
    Harry SmithDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 02.08.1985
    Debut: 1994
    Finisher: Running Powerslam
    Jason JordanDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 28.09.1988
    Debut: 2011
    Finisher: Belly to back-Suplex
    Jax DaneDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 10.03.1981
    Debut: 2009
    Finisher: Spear
    Jim RossCommentator
    Geb.: 03.01.1952
    Debut: 1974
    Finisher: None
    Johnny GarganoDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 14.08.1987
    Debut: 2005
    Finisher: Gargano Escape
    JT DunnDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 05.12.1989
    Debut: 2009
    Finisher: Roaring Elbow
    Kevin KellyBackstage Interviewer
    Geb.: 09.05.1967
    Debut: 1992
    Finisher: None
    Lio RushDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 11.11.1994
    Debut: 2014
    Finisher: Rush Hour
    Mark Briscoe

    Disposition: Face
    Geb.: 18.01.1985
    Debut: 2000
    Finisher: Mark-Out
    Mick FoleyDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 07.06.1965
    Debut: 1983
    Finisher: Mandible Claw
    Mil MuertesDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 25.05.1975
    Debut: 1997
    Finisher: Flatliner
    MooseDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 23.04.1984
    Debut: 2012
    Finisher: Spear
    One Man BandDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 15.07.1983
    Debut: 2004
    Finisher: Smash Hit
    Paul Heyman

    HWA Owner
    Geb.: 11.09.1965
    Debut: 1987
    Finisher: None
    Punisher KnoxDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 17.07.1978
    Debut: 1998
    Finisher: Knox Out
    Raj SinghDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 19.07.1986
    Debut: 2002
    Finisher: Camel Clutch

    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 07.10.1975
    Debut: 1994
    Finisher: Gore
    Shelly Martinez
    Disposition: Heel
    Geb.: 09.02.1980
    Debut: 2000
    Finisher: Fun Time Shelly
    Shelton BenjaminDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 09.07.1975
    Debut: 2000
    Finisher:T-Bone Suplex
    SoCal Val
    Disposition: Face
    Geb.: 27.03.1986
    Debut: 2002
    Finisher: SoCal Slap
    Geb.: 11.10.1967
    Debut: 1986
    Finisher: Tazmission
    The Great SanadaDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 28.01.1988
    Debut: 2007
    Finisher: Moonsault Press
    The NationDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 22.08.1987
    Debut: 2009
    Finisher: Spin-out Powerbomb
    Tommaso CiampaDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 08.05.1985
    Debut: 2005
    Finisher: Project Ciampa
    Tony NeseDisposition: Face
    Geb.: 06.08.1985
    Debut: 2005
    Finisher: 450 Splash
    Trevor MurdockDisposition: Heel
    Geb.: 10.09.1980
    Debut: 1999
    Finisher: Ace of Spades

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  • #Factions
    The Great Commonwealth

    Raj Singh
    The Nation
    Harry Smith
    The Great Sanada
    The Premier Athlete Brand

    Caleb Konley
    SoCal Val
    Tony Nese
    Tommaso Ciampa

    Johnny Gargano
    The Juicy Product

    David Starr
    JT Dunn
    The Rustbelt Connection

    Trevor Murdock
    Punisher Knox
    The Benjamin Classic

    Jason Jordan
    Shelton Benjamin
    Team 3D

    Brother Devon
    Brother Bubba

    Mil Muertes
    The Carters

    The Carters

    Eva Marie Carter
    Ethan Carter III

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  • [Updates 17. Juli 2017 inGame]

    - Deleted Brock Lesnar from Roster
    - Added Eva Marie Carter to Roster
    - Added The Carters to Faction Section
    - reactivated Paul Heyman

    Last Update

    [Updates 26. Juni 2017 inGame]

    - injuried: Rhino
    - Added Mick Foley to Roster
    - Added Ethan Carter III to Roster
    - Added Team Name "The Benjamin Classic to Shelton Benjamin & Jason Jordan

    [Updates 05. Juni 2017 InGame]

    - Removed Matt Morgan from Roster
    - Added Brother Devon to Roster
    - Changed Bully Ray in Brother Bubba
    - Added Team 3D to Tag Teams