WWE News & Gossip (Sammelthread)

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    • Entweder die letzte Chance für Wyatt, oder der letzte Totalschaden. Aber so fand ich das schon Klasse gemacht. Wenn es nichts werden sollte, Wyatt könnte als Schauspieler locker ne coole Karriere machen.

      Ich mag irgendwie den Geier, warum pusht man ihn nicht?
    • "Triple H ist die frustrierteste Person in der WWE"

      In Wade Kellers Pro Wrestling Post-Show war ein enger Freund von drei WWE Writern zu Gast. Dieser Freund sprach einige interessante Punkte hinsichtlich der Frustration im Creative Team an:

      – WWE’s problems are not the fault of the writers. “No one should rip on WWE creative. They have some of the most brilliant, unbelievable cool ideas that I’ve ever heard…” He was told, “We’re writing for an audience of one and never forget that [and if not] you’re out of here.”

      – “The most frustrated person in the back every single night is Triple H. He’ll always take, especially the NXT guys, under his wing. It looks like he’s consoling them. It looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in the building every single night.”

      – The Wild Card Rule was not in the script on the morning of the show.

      – The Superstar Shake-Up changed week to week and it didn’t pan out how it was originally laid out months prior. Everything changed because Vince just decided to change it.

      – He talked about the turnover with so many backstage people quitting or being fired.

      – SmackDown and Raw writing teams are the same for both shows. They used to be separate but that changed recently after the Shake-Up.

      – The caller emphasized that the problems in WWE are not creative’s fault and Vince McMahon is the one person who deserves the blame.

      – Vince wants suggestions from everyone but it never gets on TV. 99 out of 100 times you can come up with an idea for Vince and it won’t be used.

      – The entire creative team has pitched to have Raw and SmackDown look completely different with different production, a different way of shooting things, etc. and McMahon shoots it down.

      – Vince McMahon doesn’t keep track of what is going on with NXT. He “maybe” watches Takeover shows.

      – The writers say he just watches WWE and works out and is not aware of things going on in the real world.

      – The writers say there is no chance of Vince stepping down.

      – Dana Brooke has been the hardest worker for the last 3 years. She goes to the Performance Center, she shows up early and helps set up the ring and she gets in the ring so she can get better. Creative will pitch something for her and she gets nothing up until recently with MITB.

      – The caller offered to tell Wade Keller off the air of some cool storylines that were pitched and never used.

      – The writer he talked to said, “we’re all working for Dana Warrior and it’s really awkward.”

      – The WWE-Fox contract prohibits Fox from moving the show to FS1 even if the ratings drop.

      – One writer is very close to quitting because he is so “unbelievably unhappy” and many of the writers are paranoid and think they are close to being fired.

      – “It’s such a toxic atmosphere and it’s all because of one person.”

      – When Neville walked out, there was a crazy shouting match and he flipped out on Vince McMahon and that was the last time they saw him. The writers praised Neville for being so easy to work with.

      – Ideas never pan out as originally planned because writers will come up with stuff and then Vince loses interest after a week or two. He used Mojo Rawley as an example.

      – The money is good and it’s a dream job for many writers but it gets frustrating. The talent is very unhappy and people are trying to get out of their contracts.

      – The writers say Bruce Prichard is a pleasure to work with. “He’s a funny guy and a pleasure to work with but he’s not getting through to Vince either.”

      – Shane McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have tried to talk to Vince but it hasn’t worked.

      – The people on the writing staff listens to podcasts and they hear fans bashing them. “It breaks their heart,” he said.

      – Vince is in the announcer’s ear “to a sentence” and he gets on them for tiny mistakes.

      – On Sami Zayn: “That’s not Sami Zayn’s promos. That’s Vince McMahon talking through Sami Zayn.”

      – There are 37 total writers and they are now working on both shows.

      – NBCUniversal and FOX both want the top stars.

      – Andrade went into Vince’s office and asked for a legit push. Vince looked at him and said, “learn some English and get back to me.” Andrade spoke some English last week and he’s been taking English lessons.

      – The Firefly Fun House stuff is all Bray Wyatt’s idea. Bray is described is an “absolute genius” and he helps other wrestlers with their promos. “He’s one of the best guys in the locker room.”

      – The writers he talked to say they loved when there was a real brand split.

      – He mentioned The Revival/Usos storyline being done because Vince just thinks its funny.

      – Some of the writers think Road Dogg will eventually end up in AEW. (Note: Road Dogg is currently on hiatus and there’s no word on when he will be back or what he would be doing if he returns).

      Quelle: wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/trip…frustrated-person-in-wwe/

      Das ist ja irgendwie genauso wie man sich das als Außenstehender vorstellt. Oh man. :D
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      Andrade went into Vince’s office and asked for a legit push. Vince looked at him and said, “learn some English and get back to me.” Andrade spoke some English last week and he’s been taking English lessons.

      Ich stelle mir das echt so als Comedy Slapstick Segment vor :D

      "Push mich"
      "Lern Englisch"

      - - - - - -

      Leider stimmen alle Punkte, so fühlt man auch als Fan des Produkts. Darum konnte ich das nie verstehen. Hunter baut die Leute bei NXT auf und sagt nix darüber, wie sie im Main Roster enden? Jetzt kommt ja doch da einiges ans Tageslicht.

      Und Hut ab vor Brooke und Wyatt.
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      Sheamus vor Ende seiner WWE-Karriere?

      Could it be that The Bar tag-team was broken up during this year’s Superstar Shake-up because a longtime WWE Superstar is getting ready to retire?

      Reports have surfaced online that claim Sheamus could be potentially winding down his career in the near future. “The Celtic Warrior” is among several WWE Superstars, including Jeff Hardy, Big E. and Nia Jax, that are expected to be on the shelf for some time due to various injuries.

      Sheamus has spinal stenosis, a condition that ended Edge and other WWE Superstars careers and is an issue “Stone Cold” Steve Austin deals with to this day. On top of that, the former WWE Champion suffered a reported concussion during a six-man tag-team match on the 4/9 episode of WWE SmackDown Live.

      Sean Ross Sapp (@SeanRossSapp) of Fightful.com shed some light on the severity of Sheamus’ condition during a recent installment of his Fightful Select Q&A feature

      “I had heard last year that there were a lot of people that were surprised that Sheamus could still wrestle as effectively as he could considering some of the injury issues and the pain that he had been in.

      Honestly the thing I was told by one wrestler was that if he got through WrestleMania that would be really awesome. Not as if they were hoping that or the company was hoping that, but that wrestler personally was hoping that Sheamus could get through this WrestleMania and he did and that was about it. No update yet, but man, with a bad neck and then you get a concussion on top of that, that’s not hot.”

      With WWE breaking up The Bar by moving Cesaro to the RAW brand, and due to the fact that the company has not disclosed the specific nature of the injury, there has been growing concern that Sheamus, who just turned 41 years old in January, could be forced into retirement.

      Quelle: lordsofpain
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      Die 100.000$ Strafe für Lars Sullivan ist ja auch krass, oder? Die WWE Wrestler sind ja alle quasi selbstständige Unternehmer (Independent Contractors), also wurde hier einem selbstständigen Unternehmer eine hohe Geldstrafe auferlegt, für etwas das er gemacht hat BEVOR er als selbstständiger Unternehmer für die Firma arbeitete. Und keiner weiß wo das Geld eigentlich hingeht (wahrscheinlich in die WWE Tasche) xD
      Also im Grunde hat die WWE von Lars 100.000$ erpresst, weil er etwas vor 9 Jahren falsch gemacht hat (bevor er überhaupt für die WWE arbeitete), und ihm die Wahl ließen: entweder zahlen, oder du wirst gefeuert..
      Das ist schon ziemlich Hardcore :whistling:
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      Diese Strafe ist ein Witz und ich verstehe es nicht:

      - Die Posts sind von 2007
      - In der Zeit, war er nicht unter WWE Vertrag

      Warum muss ich also 2019 an die 100.000 Dollar zahlen im Namen einer Firma, für die ich noch nicht tätig war? Er muss außerdem auch noch in ein Sensibilisierung-Training und einige Seminare besuchen.
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      Ja, mit den Seminaren kann man machen. Aber ich muss in ein Seminar für eine Situation, die zig Jahre entstanden ist? Das Zeitfenster stört mich.

      Ich denke auch man hat diese Strafe umgesetzt, um Sponsoren und Medien zu besänftigen. Aber ändert echt nichts daran, dass diese Strafe reiner Käse ist.

      JBL zeigte den Hitlergruß im Ring, dagegen war seine Strafe ja ein größerer Witz. Aber gut, er hat dieses McMahon Boy Standing.
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      Ric Flair wurde heute in die Notaufnahme eingeliefert, nach einem medizischen Notfall. Laut TMZ sei die Lage wohl ernst. Also mal die Daumen drücken :(

      Laut Conrad Thompson, dem Schwiedersohn von Ric Flair, sei der Bericht von TMZ sehr übertrieben. Es handelte sich anscheinend um einen bereits vorher geplanten Eingriff.

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      Ehemalige WWE Diva Ashley Massaro verstorben

      - Wie die WWE bekannt gegeben hat, ist die ehemalige WWE Diva-Search Gewinnerin Ashley Massaro im Alter von 39 Jahren verstorben.
      Die Polizei erhielt am frühen Donnerstag Morgen aus ihrem Haus in Smithtown, etwa 1,5h von New York entfernt, einen Notruf, woraufhin Ashley in die Notaufnahme gebracht wurde und dort leider verstarb. Genaue Umstände sind noch nicht bekannt, die Polizei glaubt zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt allerdings nicht, dass es sich um einen Tod durch äußere Einwirkung handelt.

      RIP Ashley Massaro.

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